A Practical Guide to Making Millions Doing What You Love.

Would you rather join the multitude who wake up each day to rush to jobs they hate just to earn a living or do you want to enjoy the satisfaction of doing what you love?

After helping several women build their own thriving businesses from scratch, this book is a  step-by-step guide to show you the very steps you can take to  make millions from doing what you love.

What's Inside?

Do you want to keep being part of the multitudes of people that are on earth just to exist or you want to really LIVE?

The purpose of being alive is not to wake up everyday and rush to a job that you hate just to make ends meet. 


But why is everyone not doing what they love?

The answer to this is very simple:  MONEY MUST BE MADE!!

That is why I have written this book to give you a practical guide where you will learn the following:

  • How to Discover Your True Passion - (Never confuse your passion with interest again...ever!) - Page 27
  • What you MUST do if you have many different passions and you want to be successful - Page 44
  • The 5 Step Formula to Make Money from Your Passion - Pages 122 - 127
  • 5 Exercises to help you uncover your life purpose in 15 Minutes or Less - Guaranteed! (You will never worry about purpose again after this exercises - ever!)  - Pg 46-62
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    How to succeed in a saturated market - Pages 74-80
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    When to quit your job and go all out to pursue your passion business - Page 137

About The Author

The Electric Temi - Bestselling Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur

Temi Ajibewa​
Bestselling Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur

Temi Ajibewa, AKA The Electric Temi is a Certified Business and Results coach focused on helping savvy and passionate individuals discover and maximize their potentials so that they can create impact, influence and affluence doing what they love.

Temi is the founder of Ignite Her Africa, an online community of over 15,000 members where she provides mentoring and coaching to savvy and passionate women who want to create wealth and impact doing what they love.

Temi is also the President at The Millionaire Housewife Academy, an online school that is poised to provide the training and mentoring women need to launch and run successful home-based businesses.

She has been featured on national daily, TV & Radio stations and international platforms to share on how upwardly mobile individuals can start and build not only profitable but fulfilling businesses around their passion, skills, expertise and experience. 

What others are saying…


Since I read the eBook, I have realized my passion. Even my family members discovered that my attitude towards doing what I want changed. I love reading books on creating wealth, but how to start it was my problem until I come across the you. Thank you for bringing the best in me.Thanks for everything.

Christiana Inarigu 

Dream Chaser


This amazing lady Temi ASHABI Ajibewa is truly endowed on all fronts.Working with her gave me clarity and deep insight into the niche I am passionate about - #Marriage.For effective results, The Electric Temi is the go to coach.For doubling and tripling your investment, Temi is the resource person to reach out to.For discovering your purpose in life, Temi is the one to talk to.Thanks so much for allowing GOD to use you change lives positively.

Onome Adeyemo 
Founder, Sparkling Marriage Academy 


Coach Temi had set a goal for my business and was not taking ‘no’ for an answer. My initial reaction was ‘is it her business, what kind of outlandish goal is this?’ but in no time, I learnt that the fear of Temi’s cyber eyes is the beginning of wisdom so I implemented what I had learnt and I was able to exceed this goal by 100%!If you are running a business (not a charity) and you really want to grow and make money from it, you need to have Temi as your Coach. Believe me, you will not regret it.

Abeke Olatorera Samson 
Founder and Lead Expert at The Torez Way

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